Kvantum is part of Performance & Attribution Stack by chiefmartec.com-2018

Kvantum team is delighed to be part of "Performance & Attribution" Stack by chiefmartec.com for 2017. Kvantum was also part of "Performance & Attribution" Stack in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

As you’ve probably guessed the landscape grew again this year, by about 40%, to a total of 6,829 solutions (from 6,242 unique companies). Four years ago, when Scott Brinker released the 2014 martech landscape, he wrote an article that asked: what if 1,000+ marketing technology were the new normal? It was shocking at the time, but now it seems kind of quaint.

  • There are now 6,829 solutions on the graphic, 26% more than last year.
  • There are now 6,242 unique companies on the graphic, up 28% from last year.
  • Today’s martech landscape would need to consolidate by 85% just to get down to 1,000. Think about that for a moment.

marketing technology landscape 2018 slide

By Kvantum Team,  Posted May 1st 2018