Machine Learning Based Social Media Unstructured Data Analytics


Kvantum's machine learning and NLP based consumer analytics solution, for connecting voice of consumer to sales & brand equity, has been selected as the winner of the “Best Predictive Analytics Technology” by MarTech Breakthrough. MarTech Breakthrough is a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global marketing, sales and advertising technology industry today.

Kvantum Won Best Technology Used in Content Marketing Program


Content Marketing Institute (CMI) has chosen Kvantum a winner for the 2019 Content Marketing Award for “Best Technology Use in Content Marketing Program” in conjunction with a partner creative agency - Antonio&Paris for “Adaptive Algorithms for Consumer Sentiment” work we performed for Brookdale. The Content Marketing Awards, produced by the Content Marketing Institute, is the largest and longest-running international content marketing awards program in the world.

Analytics Architecture Framework for Artificial Intelligence Algorithms


Analytics is the new email. Just like email, analytics has to be pervasive, reliably available, real-time, and has to just work. And this needs an architecture to establish an analytics organization that adapt and respond quickly to the needs changing business needs especially new era of artificial intelligence. At Kvantum, we have built an analytics architecture to establish a robust analytics capability that keeps pace with an organization's decision making needs.

Marketer's New World


Kvantum has launched the new blog series - Marketer's New World. When it comes to marketing, the world is flat. Each marketer in this world is struggling for consumer's mindshare, while making sense of data generated by countless different devices, platforms and tools. At Kvantum, we believe in sharing wisdom. So here we are with a blog series that will share marketer's excitements, their fears, their challenges and their hopes about this new era of marketers.

Role of AI in Rapid | Granular | Cost Effective Marketing Analytics


Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been buzzwords in the world of marketing for the past few years. Most of the so called AI and ML has been restricted primarily to tracking and segmenting target audiences for showing relevant ads. The ultimate goal of each of these algorithms is to understand how to best establish a consumer’s journey, and at each point of the journey identify the next best ad to show to maximize the likelihood of conversion.

Kvantum CEO Named Woman of Influence in Silicon Valley

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Kvantum's co-founder and CEO Shilpi Sharma and ten other Indian American women entrepreneurs have been recognized as 2018’s most successful female leaders by the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Automation of Dynamic Marketing Attribution Models


Marketing performance tracking and optimization can be modeled as a non-linear, dynamic problem solved through ensemble Kalman filters. The key challenge in a practical marketing mix setting is to be able to initialize the Kalman filter. Applying MCMC techniques combined with Kalman filters, we have developed a robust reliable method that avoids manual tinkering of model estimation, thereby enabling significant automation.

Kvantum is part of Performance & Attribution Stack by - 2018


Kvantum team is delighed to be part of "Performance & Attribution" Stack by for 2017. Kvantum was also part of "Performance & Attribution" Stack in 2015, 2016, and 2017. As you’ve probably guessed the landscape grew again this year, by about 40%, to a total of 6,829 solutions (from 6,242 unique companies).

Martech Stack from Kvantum


Martech Stack from Kvantum Kvantum participated in The Stackies 2018: Marketing Tech Stack Awards. “Marketing stack” is the collection of software that a marketing team uses to ply their trade. The Stackies is a fun awards program at the MarTech conference where we invite marketers to send in a single slide that illustrates their marketing stack in some conceptual way. Kvantum has been part of "Performance & Attribution" Stack in 2015, 2016 and 2017. For more info please visit- 54 marketing…

Super Bowl Ads Spotlight 2018


Super Bowl Ads Spotlight 2018. Let us look at some of the latest Super Bowl advertising news—who’s in, who’s out, teasers, full ads and more.Avocados From Mexico will run a 30-second ad on game day. As per article by Adweek - **Avocados From Mexico Releases a Wonderfully Wacky, Guacamole-Filled Super Bowl Teaser. **Outside of running a 30-second spot, Avocados From Mexico will also run a big digital push on and leading up to game day. Fans will be able to send avocado selfie emojis to friends…