Martech Stack from Kvantum

Kvantum participated in The Stackies 2018: Marketing Tech Stack Awards. “Marketing stack” is the collection of software that a marketing team uses to ply their trade. The Stackies is a fun awards program at the MarTech conference where we invite marketers to send in a single slide that illustrates their marketing stack in some conceptual way. Kvantum has been part of "Performance & Attribution" Stack in 2015, 2016 and 2017. For more info please visit- 54 marketing stacks from The Stackies 2018: Marketing Tech Stack Awards

Kvantum's Martech Stack

Kvantum Martech Stack

This is a #martech stack for any solution/services company where 1) lead gen is thought leadership driven, 2) Annual Rev/client is in $100K+ range, and 3) <3 people in Sales Team. “Full Funnel Interaction” toolkit is to support all customer interactions across the funnel. “Market & Customer Insights” toolkit helps us in keeping track of market, competition and client’s business. “Analytics & Reporting” toolkit helps us monitor the key metrics (fast moving as well as long-term). “Operations” pillar helps us in being productive & efficient by collaborating across teams.

By Kvantum Team,  Posted Apr 24th 2018