What are the typical challenges Kvantum help solve?

By Shilpi Sharma Posted January 07, 2017 In Agile Marketing, Cross-channel, Media Mix

We provide full service solutions through our trained agency and analytics partners. We enable development of attribution models specific to a particular geography, location, product line and customer segment.

  1. In traditional attribution models, the focus has been on structured data feeds. We can use any kind of structured or unstructured data including FB posts, newsfeeds, recommendations etc.
  2. We incorporate the effect of social and web channels including the content in the attribution analysis. This really helps all those brands where web content is the key to impress consumers and generate awareness.
  3. We can tell you any point in time at a desired frequency (daily/weekly/monthly) what are the cross channel and synergistic effects between various channels (online and/or offline channels).
  4. We can help any brand monitor performance of marketing tactics and provide actionable recommendation enabling course correction in a timely manner based on awareness generated & incremental sales contribution.

In Agile Marketing, Cross-Channel, Media Mix

By ,  Posted Jan 7th 2017