Super Bowl 2015- Marketing & Advertising Trends

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The craze of super bowl is all over. Each winter, millions of Americans gather around their televisions for Super Bowl Sunday. The Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League (NFL). To make commercials that are memorable, funny and clever, advertisers invest even more money.

Super Bowl commercials have developed a reputation for being very entertaining. Over the years, many Super Bowl ads have become some of the most famous commercials in history. There are even websites that track real-time statistics on viewer opinion of Super Bowl commercials. Viewers are able to log in and fill out ballots, voting for their favorite and least favorite Super Bowl commercials.

Article by Media Post- Fans Want To Go Deeper With Super Bowl Brands, talks about Super Bowl Fans want brands to engage with them on deeper levels across multiple channels. "Consumers really enjoy interactive brand experiences and appreciate when brands provide and create content that they can interact with particularly around the Super Bowl with things like online campaigns or social campaigns," says Elisabeth Riedl, Director Consumer Strategy, Initiative.

Article by posted by TechCrunch- Social Networks Report Record Numbers Around Super Bowl Conversations. According to reports from a number of tech companies, many people reacted to Super Bowl using social media. Facebook says that this year’s Super Bowl was the biggest yet on its social network, and YouTube says more people than ever before watched ads and teaser videos on its site. Meanwhile, Twitter set a new record for Super Bowl tweets.

How The Super Bowl Resonated Across Digital And Social Media, article by CMO Today talks about -”Real-time marketing” from major brands was on the rise this year. Facebook and YouTube continue to escalate their battle to control Web video, both have released new stats touting their Super Bowl-related success.

Super Bowl XLIX Competes For Views Online And Offline, article by Media Post talks about NBC made history this year when it decided to live stream Super Bowl XLIX and its halftime show featuring Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz in the United States. They wanted to promote pay TV online services. Google streamed a live halftime show -all original content. The show focused on advertisements, pranks, and entertainment.

Article by Marketing Land- Here’s What Innovative Brands Did On Snapchat For The Super Bowl. Snapchat launched premium content channel Discover, released its first web series on its own curated channel, and were active during the Super Bowl, too. The company had some great original content on its own Snapchat Discover Channel that tied perfectly into the big game.

Article posted by eMarketer- Mobile Apps Score Among Super Bowl Viewers. According to a recent research, about half of Super Bowl viewers were likely tapping away on apps during this past weekend’s football game.. As cited by one-third of game-time users, for viewing the game, Facebook and Twitter were most-preferred.

The Super Bowl is a huge marketing event, with half of the 120-million-viewer audience tuning in for the ads. As marketers have increasingly recognized the importance of social media to amplify the reach of their pricey spots, the past few years have seen the rise of the Super Bowl ad hashtag. Super Bowl Commercials With Hashtags Slipped To 50% In 2015, article by Marketing Land says that Facebook was the social network most mentioned.

To grab huge huge audiences through TV, Super Bowl is a super opportunity. Digital stickers are increasingly being used as a Trojan horse for advertisers to get their brands in front of people’s eyeballs. As article posted by Forbes, Super Bowl 'Stickers' Point To The Future Of Mobile Advertising, talks about it.

Another article by Media Post- TV Wins: Super Bowl XLIX Draws 114M Viewers. Super Bowl was not only the most-watched TV program in U.S. history, but the highest in terms of household rating. The Super Bowl has been expanding viewership over the last few years.

For many marketers, the Super Bowl is the biggest advertising event of the year, a chance to place their brands in front of over 100 million Americans. The ad industry once again finds itself asking whether the massive investment is worth it. Feel free to share your ideas and comments with us.

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