Mobile is catching up to Desktop & TV

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Time has changed and so does the consumer's information consumption pattern. In general, a consumer spends 1.85 hours per day of his/her time online on a phone or tablet. Mobile devices have changed consumer nature at a key level. Mobile is a key tool for consumers researching before they buy on a different device.

Article posted by PhocusWright talks about- How mobile is changing Desktop- Search, Shop, Buy. While planning travel, mobile plays a tremendous role. As most of the travelers use smartphone for destination selection and shopping. Consumers have done research on their phones and are further down the purchasing funnel – they know where to go and what to book.

Mobile Users Increase Movies And TV Viewing, article by MediaPost says that according to new study from Interactive Advertising Bureau, about 30% of smartphone owners in the US and Canada are watching TV shows, while 20% are watching movies on their phones. Research also found out that this small-screen viewing is cutting into traditional TV time.

Digital Marketing: Mobile traffic overtakes desktop, article by Gazette, points out that for business to reach the consumer, it needs to be online when and where consumers are searching, wherever they happen to be. Some larger retailers have mobile apps with mobile mapping, in-store discounts, price-comparison tools and a host of other newfangled features. Small and mid-sized businesses can add other, less expensive options to their mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile is an increasingly important channel for luxury marketers as article by Luxury Daily talks about Mobile engagement is about more than pushing products. Mobile accounts for more than 40 percent of retailer Web site visits. In the coming years, Mobile will be the key in engaging consumers. A number of luxury brands also have apps that are focused more on engagement than sales like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Hermès, Mulberry, Ralph Lauren etc.

Retailers Getting 47% of Mobile Sales via Apps, article by MediaPost talks about it. According to a new study, mobile apps are now generating almost half (47%) of retailers mobile revenue with the rest coming from mobile browser sales. Mobile now accounts for 34% of all online transactions globally and is projected to reach 40% of all online transactions by the end of this year. The study also found out that shoppers view more than three times more products on apps than mobile browsers.

Programmatic accounts for two thirds of mobile ad sales, as posted by article in The Drum. According to a report, mobile advertising is increasingly becoming a programmatic buy for advertisers, accounting for two thirds of mobile ad sales in the UK.

Viewing on mobile devices--smartphones and tablets--now makes up 42% of total online viewing as article by MediaPost talks about it- More Than 50% Of All Video Views On Mobile Devices? The Time Is Now, Ooyala Says. According to Ooyala, Mobile video is on pace to exceed 50% of all online video plays by the third quarter of this year

Mobile will turn internet into world's biggest advertising medium by 2017, article by Campaign Live talks about it. The recent report said the main driver of internet growth is mobile advertising, and forecasts that mobile will more than double its share of global adspend in 2017, compared to in 2014

Do you think use of mobile devices is changing consumer's nature of buying. Feel free to share your comments with us.

In TV, Industry Trends, Mobile Advertising

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