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By Kvantum Team Posted November 12, 2014 In Mobile, Attribution, Industry Trends

Mobile device is far more personal than your email inbox. As the global population is increasing, the volume of mobile data and the speed at which it is created continues to increase. Penetration of mobile device is rising and usage by consumer for social media is growing. Mobile device data becomes useful for analytics purposes when combined with extended data from outside sources.

According to a research brief on recent CMO study Mobile's A Strategy, Not Just A Channel posted by Mediapost, the world’s mobile device population is estimated to grow to more than 7.7 billion devices this year including smartphones, tablets, phablets, laptops and connected devices, says the report. For marketers, says the report, developing comprehensive mobile relationship marketing strategies remains an area for improvement.

Mobile marketing strategy should be implemented in such a way that delivers relevant information which customers would like to receive. Target Marketing recently posted an interested article Tracking Mobile Ad Effectiveness With Real-Time Data. The article talked about number of ways bands/marketers can apply real-time data analytics to mobile marketing and advertising campaigns, like more personalized & target ads, targeting the right people at the right time, understanding who their consumers are & how are they engaged and having real time analysis and insights across complete mobile cycle.

Retailers now are taking advantage of location based mobile-marketing in this Holiday season. Marketing Land posted an article Retailers: combine Location & Mobile Web for a Holiday Advantage. The article talked about as to how retailers are now exploring to use technologies like in-store beacons and in-store inventory search, to make holiday shopping easy for consumers and increasing their sales.

This year mobile use in the US outperforms desktop use. The rise of mobile apps and programmatic buying were some of the most reliably "secular" mobile industry trends this year. 2015 will also emerge to be a good time in mobile advertising. An article in Marketing Profs, talked about Six Mobile Marketing Predictions for 2015. It talked about some major themes which is expected in 2015 such as Mobile video advertising will grow by 50%, Location-based mobile advertising could account for 25% of all mobile ad buys in 2015, also Programmatic buying will exceed 50% of mobile ad buys.

Brands are now looking for solutions that will help them understand the impact of their mobile advertising spend, as they need to be smart with what they are spending. Are you as a marketer/brand applying real-time data analytics to your mobile marketing and advertising campaigns? Do share your thoughts and challenges you are facing related to mobile attribution.

In Mobile, Attribution, Industry Trends

By ,  Posted Nov 12th 2014