Kvantum Won "Best Predictive Analytics Tech” Award for MarTech Breakthrough

Kvantum's machine learning/NLP based consumer analytics solution (Vector) has been selected as the winner, of the “Best Predictive Analytics Technology” to best connect voice of consumer to the sales & brand equity, by MarTech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global marketing, sales and advertising technology industry today.

Kvantum's Vector platform helps brands identify a causal connection between ongoing conversation themes and incremental sales and/brand equity. Additionally, the solution provides a high-level of accuracy as it accounts for other factors that drive a brand's sales including distribution, in-store promotions, merchandizing, pricing, competitor activities & paid media. Vector continuously tracks the overlap between the brand voice and the consumer voice automatically, and then provides actionable recommendations on creative messaging that would align the brand voice with the consumer voice.

Every brand has some kind of social media monitoring in place but it is extremely hard for the brands to truly extract intelligence from these conversations

"Our product discovers and quantifies the underlying consumer perceptions that lead to the various themes and topics associated with the consumer voice. This enables our clients to not just manage a particular topic, but also understand the fundamental perceptions that have an impact on sales/brand equity or other business drivers,” says Shilpi Sharma, CEO, Kvantum. “To make the outcomes easily consumable and actionable, Kvantum introduced the Kvantum Sales Impact Index as part of the product. This index is based on an estimated sales attribution due to conversational themes. These themes have a high degree of interaction with media, consumer promotions, and in-store price promotions.”

Find more details on what is the technology behind Kvantum Vector and few use cases.

The mission of the MarTech Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the innovation, hard work and success in a range of marketing, sales and advertising technology related categories, including marketing automation, market research and customer experience, AdTech, SalesTech, marketing analytics, content and social marketing, mobile marketing and many more. This year’s program attracted more than2,500 nominations fromover 15 different countries throughout the world.

Kvantum's Vector is a powerful marketing and sales solution that is certainly “breakthrough” worthy and we are pleased to name Kvantum a 2019 MarTech Breakthrough Award winner

- Jury at MarTech Breakthrough Awards

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"For a brand, at any point in time, there are thousands of conversations happening online across social media channels, blogs and forums - and most of the brands use social media monitoring or social listening tools to understand the sentiment. Or they use the brand equity panels performed online or offline to understand the brand perception and brand equity,” said James Johnson, Managing Director at MarTech Breakthrough.“While the social listening solutions provide valuable insights into conversations happening around a brand, Kvantum goes deeper to determine the causal impact of various consumer voice themes on actual sales, while accounting for all other factors that may impact sales. Kvantum can then help a brand predict the sales impact two to three weeks in advance."

Kvantum Vector uses machine learning based techniques for natural language processing, data exploration and target tracking for estimation of consumer conversations on sales impact. The solution does not require a statistician or an analyst to handcraft text corpora, build extensive training data sets, or to craft statistical analysis models; it takes care of these aspects of model development and training automatically.

Another award for Kvantum Vector

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI)just announced thatKvantum **has won a 2019 Content Marketing Award for “Best Technology Use in Content Marketing Program” in conjunction with Antonio&Paris (creative agency) for“Adaptive Algorithms for Consumer Sentiment”**work we performed for Brookdale.

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By Kvantum Team,  Posted Aug 10th 2019