Digital Marketing Trends in 2015

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2015 looks to be a busy year. Let us look at how marketing technology, policy, and tools will evolve in 2015.

Mobile and tablet have become the dominating source of traffic for many internet brands in recent years. Article in IABUK talks about -What to look out for in 2015 in digital marketing. 2015 will be the year where brands move to provide the same experience on mobile devices that consumers receive on PCs and in store. 2015 will see advertising attribution improving and Growth in display advertising.

In 2015 ‘personalisation’ will be the most meaningful buzzword in the broadcast and ad industries. There will be acceleration of online videos and programmatic TV leading to more creative ad campaigns delivered to more relevant audiences on all screens at the right time as mentioned in article Next gen advertising trends for 2015 by IPTV News. Due to TV’s unique capability to generate strong emotional responses and massive reach massive budgets are allocated to it. In order to thrive in new multi-screen, TV Anytime, Anywhere environment, advertisers and agencies to rethink their marketing strategies and embrace innovative advertising technology solutions.

A good marketing strategy in 2015 includes a professional, optimized ASO strategy as well as precise demographics targeting in the form of programmatic marketing campaigns, as article in Search Engine Watch- The New Normal in 2015: ASO Strategies, RTB, & Programmatic Marketing, talks about it.

According to article posted by exchange4media- Programmatic targeting of content to gain foothold in 2015, in 2015, Content will be personalized and specifically aimed at individual consumers on websites and blog pages, similar to the way ads have been targeted until now. Investments in data management platforms and in-house programmatic resources will also be made by Medium-to-large sized publishers.

Article posted by Ideas Lab- Make 2015- A Big Year for Big Data, talks how big data is really big in information-rich field such as healthcare, energy, manufacturing or transportation. According to a survey, Big Data rush is taking hold across some key sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, rail, oil & gas.

TV Advertising in 2015: Adapting to the Digital Age, article posted by business review europe talks about TV is and always will be the source of huge spending on advertising, but how is has it changed over the years and what can we expect in years to come? TV consumption will become more fragmented in 2015 as viewers increasingly watch TV online – either via desktops or mobile apps – rather than using the main household TV.

What's hot for advertising law in 2015? Article in Advertising age talks about 5 legal trends to keep a watch in 2015.

What marketing tools are you upgrading / adopting/ changing in 2015.

In TV, Ad Targeting, Digital Marketing, Industry Trends

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