Kvantum Won "Best Technology Used in Content Marketing Program"

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) just announced that Kvantum has won a 2019 Content Marketing Award for “Best Technology Use in Content Marketing Program” in conjunction with Antonio&Paris (creative agency) for “Adaptive Algorithms for Consumer Sentiment” work we performed for Brookdale. The Content Marketing Awards, produced by the Content Marketing Institute, is the largest and longest-running international content marketing awards program in the world. You can see a full list of the 2019 winners on the Content Marketing Awards website: https://www.contentmarketingawards.com/2019-winners/

Kvantum VoC solution (Vector) has two qualities much needed in the profession of Social Media analytics: Rigor and Discernment. Rigor in insistence on using client sales metrics to determine Social Media content worthy of attention. Discernment in Kvantum algorithms that separate wheat from chaff in social media posts, particularly when typical sentiment analysis would be misled.

Paul Cragin, Head of Analytics at Antonio & Paris.

A&P agency leveraged the outcomes from Kvantum VoC solution (named "Vector") while supporting the content marketing program at Brookdale.

This year’s panel of all-star judges reviewed nearly 1,100 entries to choose the best of the best in content marketing excellence, recognizing all aspects of content marketing, from strategy to distribution, and from editorial to design.

“All I can say is WOW,” shares Stephanie Stahl, general manager, Content Marketing Institute. “The content marketing excellence showcased by this year’s winners and finalists is remarkable. It’s not just the level of creativity and innovation that’s so exciting to see, but the success brands and agencies are having with their distribution, strategy and ROI says so much about how the industry has matured and grown over the years.”

"Kvantum's Adaptive Algorithm Discovers Consumer Sentiment"

For one of the largest provider of senior housing in the US, with over 800 communities as well as home care and hospice services, Kvantum was supporting the content marketing program run by the branding agency Antonio & Paris. In mid-2018, Client’s CEO and CMO noticed changes in YoY trends in lead generation and conversion to visits and move-ins. Client entrusted A&P and Kvantum to discover the cause and develop a solution. We launched Voice of Consumer, an AI-driven algorithm, to create a predictive model of consumer trends and habits linked to leads and sales. VoC examined hundreds of thousands of conversation about senior living found on social media from January 2018 onward, focusing on family caretakers(Influencers) and those caring for a loved one with Memory Care needs.

The advanced AI system sorted online conversations into themes by topic and emotions expressed. Themes either showed an increased sales impact, decreased sales impact, or no impact at all. Those with an increased sales impact consisted of posts exhibiting emotional angst that were met with replies that (one) showed empathy and validated the original poster’s feelings, and (two) offered practical advice to move forward. Themes with decreased sales impact showed similar angst, but responses only offered empathy, without showing a way out. The final group with no sales impact either way, centered on coping mechanisms and tips for care and were not seeking guidance.


The Voice of Consumer results showed that coupling empathy with guidance effectively persuades struggling caregivers to consider the senior living option. VoC results enhanced the conclusions found from the Driver’s Study, where each message was a practical amenity coupled with the emotional need it satisfied. Once the drivers were implemented into the social media strategy, client saw an immediate, positive change.

"We are always looking for ways technology can help our clients stay relevant and positively affect their bottom line. Companies often share tangible facts and solutions with their customers and Voice of Consumer demonstrated that these facts must be communicated with a level of empathy and validation.", says Antonio & Paris, a creative agency.

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Another award for Kvantum Vector

Kvantum' machine learning/NLP based consumer analytics solution (Vector) has been selected as the winner, of the “Best Predictive Analytics Technology” to best connect voice of consumer to the sales & brand equity, by MarTech Breakthrough.

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By Kvantum Team,  Posted Aug 6th 2019